The Three Es of Reading a Romance


Sick of being pushed around?  Take a few lessons from romance novels!  Need a mental boost?  Grab a romance and relax.  I know – romance novels have a reputation for being silly and pointless.  Fortunately, that reputation is sooooo outdated!  Romance novels are now filled with women who are strong and intelligent, women who chase after their dreams, struggle and fail and pick themselves back up to keep trying!  The new romance novels are filled with women who embrace their sexuality thoughtfully and intelligently.

What’s even better?  The female leads in romance novels are no longer the ultra-skinny, dimwits that they used to be.  The women now come in all shapes and sizes, demonstrating that women are beautiful outside of a size two pair of jeans.  And yet, these characters are human – they struggle with their weight and self-image, just like you and me.  The female leads aren’t perfect.  They aren’t superheros.  They are women who go through life with all of the baggage that we carry – and still find a deep, powerful love with a man of integrity and honor.


Had a hard day?  Need to escape?  Forget Netflix!  You’ve already binge watched everything that’s good and don’t have the energy to work through the subtitled shows that are stuffed into the “What to Watch” list.

You’re tired and your boss is a jerk.  You want to just relax and lose yourself in something that makes you feel good.  Pour yourself a glass of wine or make a cup of hot tea or cocoa, grab your phone or e-reader and download a romance.  It’s easy and fast and cheaper than a movie but romances last a whole lot longer than the two hours for a movie.  Plus – a good romance will take you to different worlds and make you smile.

A well written romance can transport you to a place that is fun and exciting!

Want to visit Alaska and see a moose eating cupcakes or a bear pooping out plastic eyelashes?  Download “The Billionaire’s Courageous Lover”.   Are you a fan of the secret baby romance?  Oh, then you’re going to love “Spanish Passions”!

Need just a quick pick-me-up?  Try out “His Unexpected Protégé


The romance novels of today are now are filled with love and laughter, struggles and failures and newly discovered power.  Women in real life aren’t two dimensional, nor are the romance novel heroines.  And yet, a well written romance will make you cry and laugh out loud.  They will inspire and reveal crushing doubts that are eventually overcome.

They also give a reader a happiness that lasts!  A good romance novel makes one breathe a bit easier, knowing that the world isn’t about name calling and belittling.  It’s more about finding friendships and that perfect happily-ever-after!  A good romance will have you tensing as you realize that you have only ten pages left in the story and you don’t want it to end but you’re getting closer and closer and…you smile as you put down your book or e-reader, sighing with relief that everything worked out.  (Even though you knew it would!)

A good romance novel enchants your mind and makes you believe in hope and happiness all over again.

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