Elizabeth Lennox

Seduced by the Sheik

Seduced by the Sheik | The Raminar Family

Release Date: November 13, 2020

Seduced by the Sheik - Cover Small

One glance changes everything!

Sheik Amit el Raminar world has been thrown into chaos.  After a tragedy leaves two small nieces in his care, Amit isn’t sure what to do.  So he brings in a professional.  Dr. Harper Ross is renowned as a pediatric psychologist…but the person stepping into his office isn’t the sedate, older woman he’s expecting.  Instead, Dr. Ross is a gloriously beautiful woman that fires his passions…creating more chaos. 

Harper Ross doesn’t understand her fascination with the coldly powerful man.  As a psychologist, she doesn’t understand her attraction to an emotionless, irritating, condescending jerk!  And yet, she slowly discovers that he’s not as coldly emotionless as she’d suspected. In fact, underneath all of those fascinating muscles is a man seething with passion and love…she just needs to teach him to allow himself to feel. 

But can she succeed?  Or is she setting herself up for failure with a man who won’t allow himself to love?   

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