Elizabeth Lennox

After Hours Desire

After Hours Desire | Forsaken Sons Series

Release Date: May 14, 2021

After Hours Desire - Kade - Small

She’s been hired to find the man’s sons…

…what Frankie finds is so much more!

Frankie can’t believe that the man she’d met in Dallas is none other than the man she’d been hired to find. But there’s more to this story. And Kade Wilson challenges Frankie to resolve another mystery. Vowing not to fall under his charms once again, Frankie can’t resist the allure of the challenge. But can she resist the man who is dangerous to her heart?

Kade has worked his whole life alone and prefers it that way. So when Frankie sweetly shows up on his doorstep, he’s stunned to find himself pulled in deeper into those enigmatic green eyes of hers. But before he can lure Frankie into a happily ever after, he needs her to figure out a much more sinister problem.

Will the past rise up to destroy this precious love they’ve found?

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