Elizabeth Lennox

Pregnant with the Tycoon's Heir | The Ladies of The Burling School Series Book 5

Release Date: May 15, 2020

Pregnant with the Tycoon's Heir - Cover small

Uncontrollable passions have unintended consequences in this one night-stand romance novel.


When Naya Banks stepped into the bar to meet her friends, never in her wildest imaginings could she have conjured up a man as powerfully attractive as Pierce Danilov!  She tries to resist the intense attraction she feels for the man, but Naya has something to prove. And prove it she did!  But what should have been just one night of passion, leaves Naya with something more! 

Alone and terrified, Naya isn’t sure what to do about her unexpected pregnancy.  That’s when she realized that her company, her one source of security, was now owned by none other than Pierce Danilov! 

How was she to tell him that their one night of passion had resulted in such a monumental change in their status?

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