Elizabeth Lennox


Seduced | The Lottery Winners Series

Seduced by Elizabeth Lennox

Tony had felt protective of the gorgeous Julia from the moment she’d stepped into his restaurant asking for a job.  Ten years later, those feelings had morphed into something more.  Something deeper.  

But with Tony’s history, he couldn’t allow himself to fall in love.  The risk was just too dangerous.

Julia had loved Tony for so long, she couldn’t remember a time when she hadn’t felt this way.  Tony was brilliant and creative, charming and kind.  He could also make her crazier than anyone she knew!  

So when a kiss revealed that they were both feeling something stronger than friendship, Julia was eager to explore this new world with Tony.  

Everything seemed perfect but…why was he pulling away?  

What had happened in his past that wouldn’t allow him to savor this happiness?

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