Elizabeth Lennox

Claiming His Heir

Claiming His Heir | Scandalous Sheiks Series

Release Date: November 12, 2021

Claiming His Heir - Cover 2

She couldn’t outrun the past – no matter how fast she ran!

Her vacation was supposed to be relaxing.  But running into the father of her five year old son, the lover she’d never forgotten and…well, she’d never really forgiven…hadn’t exactly been the relaxing escape that she’d planned.  But now was the time to think of her son and what was best for Luke.  It was NOT the time to think about how much Tazir still made her body shiver with anticipation!  She had to be sensible now! 

Sheik Tazir el Moussa was stunned to discover not just the woman from his past that he’d never been able to forget – but also a son!  He was a father!  Was this a trick?  Why had Brielle, a woman that he’d always remembered to be honest and forthright, hidden his son for five years?! 

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