Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Sensuous Trap

The Sheik’s Sensuous Trap

In this romance novel, Alea Al-Basiri is trapped, irrevocably and unmercifully… Trapped – and it was all her fault! She finds out that her one and only night of incredible passion is with her family’s sworn enemy, Rashid Bin Faisar, King of Ibel.

Getting away from him had been easy, the first time. But when his web closes around her, she finds that she is bound by law to marry the man who has waged war against her country for more than a decade. She’s horrified that she’s now facing a loveless political marriage – a scenario she’s fought against her whole life.

Rashid is astonished to find the young beauty not only intelligent and stubborn, but also his perfect mate. Curbing that stubbornness will be his challenge – a task he’s more than willing to accept.

Unfortunately, Alea’s heart has already fallen for the strong, handsome and vastly intelligent man. She loves everything about him – his compassion and strength as well as his love of his country. How can she get him to accept her love, and love her as well?

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