Elizabeth Lennox

His Erotic Obsession

His Erotic Obsession | The Jamison Sisters Series

She’d been in love with the man since her first day on the job. And that love had grown deeper the longer she worked for him. But the man was obsessed with another woman, the lovely Delilah Jamison, singer extraordinaire, international jet setter. 

Rebecca was just the assistant. The assistant with a secret. A secret love for her boss and a secret music passion that her boss could never know about.

From the moment he’d spotted her behind the receptionist’s desk, Marcus Benton had thought she was the sexiest, cutest and most interesting woman he’d ever met. He couldn’t get her out of his mind and, as she worked her way up in his company, he wanted her more and more. 

Working alongside her, he was determined to get to know the adorable Becca who buttoned her shirts up and wore prim clothes. 

He was dying to know what was beneath those conservative cardigans – and he wanted to know what else she was hiding behind those beautiful, amber eyes.

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