Elizabeth Lennox

The Billionaire’s Gamble

The Billionaire’s Gamble

In the dazzling realm of a Las Vegas casino, Sid Matthews, a powerful and determined figure, locks eyes with the timid yet captivating redhead. A burning desire propels him forward, determined to claim her as his own. She possesses the beauty and grace he craves, the missing piece to complete his empire of sacrifice and success.

Sid, the owner of one of the city’s most thriving casinos, sets his sights on making Sabrina his wife, but convincing her proves to be his challenge. Sabrina, enamored with her job, is elated when Sid hires her as his special events coordinator. Yet, she questions whether someone as dangerous and irresistible as Sid could truly desire a shy Virginia girl like herself.

As passion and danger intertwine, Sid’s relentless pursuit ignites a whirlwind romance, leaving them both torn between love and doubt, and the blazing lights of Las Vegas as the backdrop to their thrilling tale.

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