Elizabeth Lennox

Summer Heat

Summer Heat | Wyoming Fever Series

Release Date: April 30, 2021

Summer Heat - Cover

She was cute and sexy…and had some serious issues with spiders! 

Sage DeSantis had fascinated Detective Arik Dorant from the first moment he’d laid eyes on her.  She burned anything she tried to cook and had a knack for pretending he didn’t exist.  She also had long, sexy legs and the most beautiful green eyes, but darkened with shadows of pain from her past. 

And something was wrong.  Sage was scared of something, but Sage was determined to figure out the mystery on her own.  But Arik was hooked on the lovely woman and he was determined to help her.

Sage knew that Arik was a dangerous man.  He saw things that she wanted to hide and he made her tremble with needs she’d long tried to suppress.  Yes, he was dangerous.  Unfortunately, Sage needed him. 

Was she going to be hurt if she let him into her life?  Or was her painful past coming back to haunt her – and ruin any chance she had for happiness? 

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