Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Dangerous Lover

The Sheik’s Dangerous Lover | Novella

The Sheiks Dangerous Lover by Elizabeth Lennox

Like a story not quite out of a fairy tale, Shanelle Basara is required to attend a gala event at the palace. Rumor has it that Malik Badri del Rahal, Sheik of Kanaan urgently needs to marry. No one knows the reason, but Shanelle had no desire to be a part of his solution. 

So instead of presenting herself to the Sheik – like the other hopefuls with their dreams of acquiring his attention – Shanelle tries to slip into the ballroom unnoticed. Her mission: be as invisible and inconspicuous as possible.

After four failed assassination attempts, Malik accepts that he needs to marry and produce an heir as quickly as possible. With his legacy assured and his heirs protected, his enemies will have to change tactics. 

To select his future wife, Malik agrees to his advisors’ suggestions to host grand balls at the palace. What better way to review the candidates quickly and make a selection? 

But when he sees a flash of silver slipping down the servants’ corridor, he thinks he might have found the assassin.

What he finds instead is a vision in shimmering silk, draped over the cutest butt he’s ever seen. He quickly realizes that the woman trying to sneak into his ballroom isn’t an assassin. It takes him a few minutes longer to realize that she’s the woman he’s going to marry. Convincing her is his next challenge!

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