Elizabeth Lennox

Hoping for Forever

Hoping for Forever | The Lottery Winners Series

Hoping for Forever by Elizabeth Lennox

She hated him! Scarlett thought he was arrogant and snide!

Mick couldn’t believe the woman! She dared to express her opinion when she hadn’t even read the book? She was beautiful, but there wasn’t much substance under the pretty eyes.

And then she surprised him. Startled him! Okay, so the woman wasn’t as superficial as he’d thought! There was much more substance behind the beautiful features.

Scarlett still hated him, but she admitted that she loved debating him, trying to win the class arguments. What would it be like….?!

Read about Scarlett and Mick – their journey was rocky and painful, but worth it in the end. 

Scarlett is a character that shows up in all of The Lottery Winner books and wasn’t originally going to be a story. But as I wrote the other books in this series, I knew that Scarlett had to have her own.

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