Elizabeth Lennox

The Tycoon’s Resistant Lover

The Tycoon’s Resistant Lover | The Lovers Exchange Series

Lady Julianna Holbrook can’t believe that the obnoxious and brash James Cavanaugh could be so rude! 

He shows up uninvited to a dinner party, he arrives at her store right before closing time and he simply won’t leave her alone! 

So why is she so fascinated by a man she knows is completely wrong for her?

James finds the elegant and ever-so-proper Julianna a fascinating creature. She tells him to stay away, but she trembles in his arms. She pushes him away, but when he kisses her, she shows him a passion that sets him on fire. 

He has finally found the woman who intrigues and challenges him, but she won’t return his phone calls.

Should he do the polite thing and leave her be? 


James gets into her space, challenges her assumptions and shows her that her boyfriend can’t ever make her feel the same way he can.

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