Elizabeth Lennox

The Prince’s Forbidden Lover

The Prince’s Forbidden Lover | The Samara Royal Family Series

Trapped by a promise to his sister to not seduce “Jo”, Prince Rais del Abbas Samara is stunned when Jo turns out to be “Joline” and she’s beautiful. He adheres to the letter of the promise through the end of the weekend, but once Joline is back in New York, all bets are off.

Joline can’t believe how raw and powerful her best friend’s brother turns out to be. Unfortunately, his position as Minister of Finance and her family history make it impossible to follow through on the attraction she feels for the incredible man. He might be everything she could ever want in a mate, but he’s off limits.

However, Rais is not one to be easily deterred – he’s determined to have Joline as his wife. Joline is just as resolved to avoid matrimony to the commanding prince. But how is she to resist him when he sets her blood on fire every time he walks into a room?

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