Elizabeth Lennox

The Montana Men Series

The Montana Man Series​

Learn more about each of the individual books below:

Dangerous Seduction - 2023 Cover


The first of these mountain romance books you can buy online is a $.99 novella that will set the stage for The Montana Men Series. In “Dangerous Seduction”, Samantha leaves everything that is familiar and comfortable when she is betrayed…striking out on her own to heal.  What she finds is a sizzling love that singes her heart and heals her wounds.  But when she discovers the truth about the man she’s fallen for, how can they go forward?

Kelsie and Joe burn up the pages of “Dangerous Attraction” – Joe spots her across the room, but Kelsie has a secret.  And this secret could tear up the whole town.  Joe is unrelenting though and won’t let her run away from her past. 

“Dangerous Desires” started off two years prior.  But Fleur doesn’t like change.  She’s had enough change in her life, including being abandoned by her mother and father.  Being adopted by Samantha and the rest of the clan helps, but Hunter wants all of her.  And won’t settle for anything less. 

A hidden sheik, a mysterious assassination…and so much more are revealed in “Dangerous Enticement”.  Droon must go back to his country.  It’s finally safe.  But can he keep the lovely Lina safe as well? 

“Dangerous Enticement” is a hilarious love story about Doctor Vince DeBron and the lady who comes into town to help manage his clinic.  But Makenna has had some experience with doctors before – and painted her ex-fiance’s butt yellow because of his betrayal.  So she’s not willing to risk her heart with another doctor so soon.  Can Vince convince her to take a chance on him? 

As sheriff of the small, Montana town, Mike was always around, always ready to…pull Halley over for speeding.  Or sit next to her during town hall meetings and cause her to laugh at his ridiculous jokes.  But Halley has a secret!  And she couldn’t let Mike know about this secret!  Never!  Unfortunately, Mike is really good at discovering secrets.  So what’s Halley to do when he discovers her own?!  Find out in “Dangerous Secret”.

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