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Wanted: Wife for Hire

Wanted: Wife for Hire | The Diamond Club Series​

Wanted: Wife for Hire Book Release Date - October 18, 2019

Wanted Wife for Hire - Cover

He needed a wife!

Sebastian Hughes stared at the lovely Deni Stenson.  “Marry me.  Help me save my daughter and I’ll pay off your father’s debts!”

Deni stared up at the coldest, most intimidating man she’d ever met…and agreed to marry him.  But on her terms!  

Although, after moving into the zombie-like monstrosity of a house, Deni realized that the cold, angry man truly loved his daughter and…well, he wasn’t as horrible as she’d thought.  In fact, he was…well, pretty amazing.

Sebastian didn’t want to want Deni.  But watching her lively features and seeing her with his daughter…Sebastian couldn’t help but notice other things about the woman he’d married.  

Like the fact that she was a breath of fresh air.  Or the way she smiled at…everything.  She was the complete opposite of him and…Sebastian was no fool.  Very quickly, he came to realize that marrying Deni had been the best decision of his life!

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