Elizabeth Lennox

The Billionaire’s Gentle Rescue

The Billionaire’s Gentle Rescue | The Sisterhood Trilogy

The Billionaires Gentle Rescue by Elizabeth Lennox

Zoe can’t believe her eyes when she opens the envelope containing her monthly bank statement. All her money, everything she needed to pay her vendors, her staff and suppliers, was gone. The negative balance simply couldn’t be accurate! 

After a visit to her bank, her absent accountant and finally the police, she accepted the fact that she’d been robbed.

The only person she knows who can help her get through this mess is the one man she’d been trying to forget for ten years! 

They’d shared one kiss all that time ago and no man had ever been able to generate the same sense of excitement. 

Unfortunately, he’d walked away the day after that mind-boggling kiss, flirting with another woman and laughing as she watched in painful silence.

Marco DiAngelo had to earn Zoe’s trust. He’d hurt her ten years ago, but it had been for her protection. 

His father, a Mafia boss, was still trying to drag him into the family business and didn’t mind hurting Zoe, the only woman he’d ever cared about, to accomplish that goal. Now she needed his help, and he was going to use everything he had at his disposal to regain her trust and show her how good they could be together.

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