Elizabeth Lennox

Resisting His Seduction

Resisting His Seduction | A Steele Brothers Romance

Her legal machinations were causing his legal team to look like they were chasing their tails and her arguments caused delays in his schedule. Bryce Steele wanted these issues out of the way immediately.

The best way to forge ahead was a face to face meeting. But Bryce hadn’t realized that the brilliant legal mind was attached to a woman with a luscious figure and fiery red hair…being held up by four, no five pencils! He was floored…and then entranced.

Quinn hated the man! Bryce Steele represented everything that was wrong with the world – too wealthy, too arrogant and unconcerned with people who were just trying to make a living. She wasn’t going to let him get away with tearing down a whole neighborhood just so he could put up one of his massive monstrosities. 

Someone had to stand up to the man – she was just the woman for the job!

Until he showed up in her office and Quinn realized that he was over a foot taller than her and, even worse, made her heart race.

No, she couldn’t allow that to get in the way of her job! Quinn was determined to ignore the growing attraction between them and focus only on stopping him, the enemy, to protect her clients.

So who was going to stop her from falling for the charming rogue?

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