Elizabeth Lennox

Risky Negotiations

Risky Negotiations | The Attracelli Family Series

Risky Negotiations by Elizabeth Lennox

Sal Attracelli met Laci Anderson three years ago at his brother’s wedding. At the time, he had thought she was too young for him. But the memory of her trembling in his arms during their one dance would not leave him. 

Now, he was out to win her heart and was willing to enact an elaborate ruse in order to bring her closer.

For Laci, the impression Sal left at the wedding had made him impossible to forget. But now he was pursuing Laci with all the charm and sex appeal he had at his disposal, which was considerable. 

At first, Laci refused involvement with the sexy CEO, but he tore down her defenses. Her job and its responsibilities are swept away by the mad, romantic passion the rich alpha male inflames within her. 

All that is left is her new dream of enfolding herself within the arms of a forbidden man.

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