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Paul's Story | Scandalous Sheiks Series

Release Date: November 19, 2021

Paul's Story - Cover 2

After the release of “Claiming His Heir”, I read through your reviews and discovered one consistent complaint.  I didn’t give the character “Paul” his cummupance. 

While reading a romance, I become very irritated when a story veers off from the romance.  I don’t care about the problems of secondary characters unless they move the romance along.  I don’t want to read through long-winded descriptions of the plants, the buildings, the streets or the passersby.  I need to “feel” and “see” the scene, so some descriptions are needed.  But I have to skip through paragraphs that just go on and on about the plants and birds and stone structures ad nauseum.  I want the romance.  I want the tension between the characters.  Don’t give me a story filled with fluff.  Give me substance! 

So when I write my stories, I try very hard to stick with the romance.  I want every reader to come away with a smile and a sigh when you finish one of my stories. 

In Brielle’s story, her life is manipulated by Paul’s lies and his discrimination tactics.  As someone who has worked in the corporate world, I know what it’s like to be sidelined by a man’s discrimination.  It’s humiliating and frustrating.  It’s insulting!  I’ve been sexually harassed, passed over for promotions, belittled and humiliated. 

I’m sure all of you ladies have experienced the same.  Most of the time, we couldn’t prove it or speaking out would hurt us even more.  Challenging our male supervisors and co-workers isn’t an option in many cases, or we’re too stunned at the moment to speak out.  Then the moment passes and we just move on, keeping our mouths shut. 

In Brielle’s situation, she fought back in order to keep her job, however, she was demoted even after her battle. 

And that infuriated everyone. 

I didn’t provide retribution for Paul initially because I wanted to focus on the romance.  And then, I didn’t take Paul down because men usually get away with their obnoxious moves.  I told myself – that’s just the world in which we live. 

But as I read your comments, I reminded myself that the stories I read aren’t real life.  They are fantasies.  They are escapes from the real world! 

And so…I wrote Paul’s story.  As I’ve mentioned to several of you, my initial plan was a one or two page story about Paul getting caught.  But as I started to write, all of my rage and fury at the injustices that I’ve experienced or heard from my friends and my daughter rose up.  My fingers were flying over the keyboard as I typed out a longer and longer revenge on Paul. 

It felt good!  It felt liberating!  It’s only fiction, but I have a dream that the Pauls of this world will eventually be stopped. That places of work will be fair and open and honest.  Yes, that’s a fantasy.  But I can dream, right? 

So….click the links below to enjoy Paul’s takedown! 

And I will try very hard never to leave a bad guy without punishment in my stories in the future!!

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