Elizabeth Lennox

The Desert Prince’s Proposal

The Desert Prince’s Proposal | Sheiks of Altair Series


The woman didn’t appear to be afraid of anything. She was beautiful and aloof. And he wanted her. Prince Tavon took one look at the lovely, dark-haired beauty and knew that she was “the one”.

Princess Mila couldn’t believe that a man had bested her! She’d trained for confrontations. She knew how to fight. So why was she now being held in the tall man’s powerful arms? He wasn’t hurting her. But he was…frightening!

And falling in love. How could she not? Tavon was handsome and charming and the most magnificent lover any woman could want.

She’d thought their biggest obstacle was their busy schedules. Unfortunately, their biggest obstacle turned out to be her father…engaging her to none other than…Tavon’s brother!

Even with all of her negotiating skills, she couldn’t convince Tavon that she hadn’t known about the engagement.

But now it was time to take control and make sure that she wed the right man in this royal love book! Tavon wouldn’t know what hit him.

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