Elizabeth Lennox

Entangled with the Prince

Entangled with the Prince | The Raminar Family

Release Date: December 18, 2020

Entangled by the Prince - Cover Small

Her past taught her that people couldn’t be trusted!

And yet, Savannah Harmon wanted to trust the mysterious man who had come into her life.  His laugh sounded rough, as if he hadn’t used it in a long time, and he had a hard exterior.  As if he was protecting himself from the world – something Savannah knew all too well. 

Then he stepped into her world and brought sunshine and happiness!  Gaelen was a tall, dark, mysterious stranger that set her body on fire with just a look or a touch.  He was different in so many ways.  But could she trust him? 

Crown Prince Gaelen el Raminar of Izara watched the beautiful waitress move through the bar, fascinated by her, unable to look away.  She seemed strong and confident, and yet, he sensed a vulnerable softness to her.  Unfortunately, his responsibilities took him away from her, but when the issue was resolved, Gaelen came back, determined to win Savannah’s love. 

But would she fight for their future?  Would she ignore her past and fight for him? 

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