Elizabeth Lennox

The Desert Prince’s Bride

The Desert Prince's Bride | Sheiks of Altair Series

The Desert Princes Bride by Elizabeth Lennox

She was dancing in the hallway…in socks!

Little did she know, her dancing sealed her fate. Prince Jaffri couldn’t look away. Fascinated, Prince Jaffri was entranced as the woman danced, laughed when she defied him and wanted her in his arms forever…Jaffri knew that Giselle was going to be his bride, even though she fought him at every turn.

Giselle couldn’t believe it when she turned and…slipped into the prince’s arms. Literally! And from that moment on, she didn’t want to pull away. Prince Jaffri might be obnoxious and domineering, but Giselle fell hard for the big guy. But then at a press conference, she watched as Prince Jaffri, her Jaffri, became engaged…and not to her!

Was she just a pawn in the powerful man’s games? Find out in The Desert Prince’s Bride by Elizabeth Lennox!

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