Elizabeth Lennox

The Royal Cordova Trilogy

The Royal Cordova Trilogy

Learn more about each of the individual Royal Cordova Family Trilogy books below:

Escaping a Royal Wedding - 2024 Cover


These three stories are about siblings – two sisters and a brother. I’d originally intended to just write the story about Anastasia (Ana). But as the plot evolved, Marabeth became an interesting character. In Ana’s story, Marabeth is engaged, but to a horrible man who treats her badly. So when I started my next book, I found myself automatically coming up with a resolution to Marabeth’s romance. I loved the way she kept falling at Sam’s feet. It was such a fun romance novel to write that I just had to continue the family’s story by going into Max’s interactions with his assistant, Tara.

In Marabeth’s and Ana’s story, Max is stiff and almost unapproachable. So when Tara teases him about curtsying or having liver for lunch, it makes him much more human.

It’s always difficult to create an imaginary country – and one that is powerful enough to have rulers that will matter. I hope that I did an adequate job in these three love stories.

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