Bold Alaskan Men Series

The Bold Alaskan Man Series​

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The Billionaires Beautiful Mistake by Elizabeth Lennox


They’d succeeded in the business world and grew sick of the backstabbing and jealousy.  So they left.  Four men, billionaires in their respective fields, head out to the wilds of Alaska.  From “Beautiful Mistake” to “Challenging” women – these four men and the ladies that burst into their quiet lives will make you laugh and sigh in Elizabeth Lennox’s Bold Alaskan Men series.

When Violet walks into Creek Jones’ bar, he’s lost from the moment she smiles in his direction.  Through a series of miscommunications, their romance leads both of them on a merry chase filled with steam and miscommunication.  But in the end, their feelings can’t be denied. 

Tyla and Saeger deul it out and sparks fly as they maneuver around their friendship, working relationhip and the seething passion that is always just under the surface.  In “The Billionaire’s Challenging Beauty”, Saeger and Tyla light the pages on fire! 

Andi steps into Knox’s bar looking like a beautiful, if drowned, beauty.  But when a moose eats her cupcakes, a bear munches on her eyelashes…and something is in her basement…Knox is there for her.  He wants to be immune, but the lovely Andi is the woman he’s been waiting for.  In the humorous romance novel “The Billionaire’s Courageous Lover”, you’ll laugh harder than ever! 

Oh, the pranks that Chloe plays on Tucker will make you laugh so hard!  But throughout all of their pranks, there’s a tension of need for the two to be together.  They try to stay away, but the need is there, unrelenting.  Besides, Tucker loves Chloe’s spunk and energy!  He wants her to succeed and will do anything to help her.  But when Chloe finds out the truth about what Tucker’s done, can she ever forgive him?  Find out in “The Billionaire’s Adventurous Mistress”.

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