Elizabeth Lennox

Awakened by the Passionate Sheik | The Ladies of The Burling School Series Book 2

Release Date: March 13, 2020

Awakened by the Powerful Sheik - Cover

Outrageous.  Lovely.  And his!

Her father said she was docile and obedient.  Her actions screamed that she was adventurous and daring.  So who was the real Tamara el Hamid?  Perhaps it was time for Sheik Jurid bin Casees to find out…since the beautiful Tamara was supposed to become his wife! 

But forces within his government don’t want the couple to wed, and danger lurks behind the sanguine smiles.  Can Jurid convince the lovely woman to marry him despite the powerful forces that try to pull them apart?  And an even better question, can Tamara hide her secret pregnancy until she knows for sure if Jurid loves her?  Or loves the political benefits of their romantic union? 

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