Elizabeth Lennox

One Night with the Sheik

One Night With The Sheik | Friends Forever Series


Arianna had to find her father. He’d disappeared in the desert country of Triar – which is where she started her search. Unfortunately, some unfinished business with the Sheik of Triar slowed her search.

Rhys Sabad del Isolm, Sheik of Triar discovered that the lovely Arianna Callas was back in his country. The last time he’d seen the gorgeous, stubborn woman was almost a year ago and their ending had been…unsatisfying.
Time to change that ending.

Except that Arianna isn’t ready to re-visit the past. In fact, she’d like to avoid discussing the past and had absolutely no intention of any sort of relationship in the future!
Unfortunately, Rhys had the resources that could expedite her father’s rescue. She’d have to play nice for a while – and keep the man at arm’s distance.

That was her intention at least. Rhys wasn’t really the kind of man who allowed distance.
And as they investigated her father’s disappearance together, Arianna wondered if she really wanted that distance.

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