Elizabeth Lennox

Craving Him

Craving Him | The Sinful Night Series Book 6

Release Date: July 26, 2019


Endings always arrived!

Yes, Andrea was miserable without Mike, but their steamy affair would have ended eventually.  She’d just…hurried the process, knowing that extending the relationship would have caused more pain.

So why was he in her office?  And how was she going to survive seeing him again?  Even after months without him, she still craved his scent, his touch, his kisses!  

Andrea longed for Mike in ways she hadn’t anticipated when she’d abruptly ended their relationship.

Mike watched as Andrea tentatively stepped into her office.  She was more beautiful than he remembered, and he was more determined to win her back, to prove that they could work this out.  

And if it took being sued by a fraudulent woman to prove Mike was sincere, then he’d go through whatever it took to win Andrea back in this second chance romance book!

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