Elizabeth Lennox

The Steele Brothers Series

The Steele Brothers Series

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Set in Seattle, Washington, the Steele Brothers series by Elizabeth Lennox starts off with the parents and follows up with the romances of their three, rambunctious sons and the loves that happen in their lives.

In “Resisting His Seduction”, Quinn’s legal machinations were causing his legal team to look like they were chasing their tails and her arguments caused delays in his schedule. Bryce Steele wanted these issues out of the way immediately.

Quinn hated the man! Bryce Steele represented everything that was wrong with the world – too wealthy, too arrogant and unconcerned with people who were just trying to make a living. She wasn’t going to let him get away with tearing down a whole neighborhood just so he could put up one of his massive monstrosities. Someone had to stand up to the man – she was just the woman for the job!

Until he showed up in her office and Quinn realized that he was over a foot taller than her and, even worse, made her heart race.
“In the Boss’ Bed is a quirky, hilarious story! Standing in the doorway to his office, he is floored by the woman tsking the chaos. Five minutes before, Zeke Steele’s mind had been focused on the chaos. Now his mind couldn’t get past Marcy’s fiery red hair, her luscious figure…and the lust that hit him. Hard. Too hard! Her long skirts and high tops taunted him. Her smiles distracted him. There was nothing a red-blooded man could do. He’d have to marry her.

“Seducing his Wife” is another Second Chance Love story – that will make you sigh and laugh and fall in love! Teague sees the gorgeous Gabriella in a Vegas bar and that’s about all he needs to fall in love. Gabrielle is just as enamored of the tough and charming Teague. After a night of passion, they do the crazy thing that so many people do in Vegas – they get married! But with the dawn of morning comes painful reality. Gabriella runs from what she feels and the horror of a life with a man she shouldn’t love.
Can Teague convince her to take a chance on him?

Reading “A Taste of Paradise” – you will get a lot of romance…and a bit of mystery!


It was the only way her brother could get on with his life. If Gaia could steer her brother’s need for revenge towards the Steele brothers, make the consequences less horrible, then she was going to do it. She’d do anything to help her brother move on with his life.

Unfortunately, She hadn’t counted on Logan Steele being the most devastatingly handsome man she’d ever seen in her life. Nor had she counted on his brilliance. Or his offer to help make a dream of hers into a reality.

So much for revenge!

Logan watched the beautiful blonde woman enter his office and knew with every ounce of his being that she would be his. Figuring out what she was hiding – and protecting her from that issue, was his next challenge. Something was wrong – seriously wrong and he needed Gaia to trust him. Gaining that trust would be harder than he’d ever thought possible. But he’d find out what was pulling her back from him and he would overcome all the obstacles in their way.

And in “Defying His Charm” – you might want to rethink your love of broccoli!

She had rules! She had a life plan that worked for her! Go to the gym, eat salads and broccoli. Focus on her career and steer clear of Luke Steele! The first part of the plan…well, she accomplished that on some days. The last rule…um…well, he wasn’t helping her. Not one little bit!

So instead of running from him, Naya would accept the attraction, but with boundaries. If he wouldn’t agree to the rules, she would…well, she’d do something. So far, all of her plans weren’t working but she’d eventually end up with a winning plan.

Luke Steele saw the lovely temptation that was Naya and knew that his single days were over. Just like his three brothers before him, he’d found his soul mate and he was willing to tumble headlong into marriage. After avoiding the matrimonial state for so long, he had to laugh at how hard it was to convince the gorgeous woman to trust him. Until she set up the rules. Rules to an affair? Oh, hell no! And “no way” to an affair either! This woman was his. Forever!

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