Elizabeth Lennox

Forbidden Lover

Forbidden Lover | The Diamond Club Series Book 7

Release Date: September 13, 2019

Forbidden Lover - Cover

He was in love with his best friend’s sister!

Ryker Thune knew that he should stay far away from Carly Cole, but…she was beautiful and smart and he loved watching her walk down the hallway in her heels and sexy clothes. 

She came across as tough and strong, but he sensed a softness, a vulnerability inside of her.  

In the end, he didn’t care that Carly was off-limits. He’d lived dangerously all his life, why stop now?

Carly didn’t want to fall in love.  Falling in love was dangerous.  It made one vulnerable.  

And if there was one thing she’d learned growing up with an abusive father, it was that weakness could be painful. 

So how did Ryker get around her defenses so easily?  And how was she going to build them up again when… when everything fell apart?  

Because everything always fell apart!

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