Elizabeth Lennox

Alexa Series

The Alexa Series

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Part 1 – Bored and unsatisfied, Alexa realizes that she wants more out of life than to simply exist. When Jake enters her life, she discovers the missing piece; passion. Through a slow process, Jake helps her understand her submissive desires. Under Jake’s patient, strong and demanding introduction, she learns more about herself than she’d thought possible!

Part 2 – Moving from the vanilla sex of her past to the submissive glory of her present and future, Alexa learns more and discovers intense, erotic possibilities which help her thrive as she learns more about herself and about this decadent world that Jake slowly reveals to her.

Part 3 – As Alexa accepts this new submissive aspect of her personality, she comes to terms with her identity, her sexuality. She has to face some truths that she’s been ignoring. But once she embraces those truths, Jake is able to open even more doors for her, exploring sex in different ways and their relationship becomes more intense.

Part 4 – After meeting Austin, a friend of Jake’s, Alexa learns even more about herself. The erotic world continues to expand and, with both Jake and Austin showing her the way, she is shocked at how wonderful life can be when she discards preconceived judgments about life and love.

Part 5 – Struggling to meet Jake’s requests, Alexa explores her desires even as she learns to submit more fully to Jake and Austin.

Part 6 – Spending a weekend alone with Austin, Alexa discovers even more nuances to this erotic lifestyle. Through Austin’s gentle but firm guidance, Alexa accepts that there is more to her desires than simple submissiveness.

Part 7 – With both Jake and Austin in her life, Alexa must decide if a ménage relationship will work for her. Jake and Austin show her different aspects of the lifestyle, encouraging Alexa to be honest with herself. As she becomes more submissive sexually, she blossoms professionally. Her career takes off as she accepts her sexual nature while the rest of her life becomes more assertive.

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