Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Arrangement

The Sheik's Arrangement| The Diamond Club Series Book 2

The Sheik's Arrangement Cover

He’s the only man who can help her!

When Zuri’s brother disappears, Zuri turns to the only man she knows who has the power to help her; Sheik Tiran bin Linar – the fiancé she has been resisting!  Despite the chemistry that sizzles whenever he’s close, she still isn’t ready for marriage!  

But resisting Tiran’s sensual touch is too hard and she succumbs to her desire for the man.  

Their search…and their passion…results in an unintended consequence.  Now Zuri is carrying the man’s child.  Will she ever know if Tiran loves her for herself?  Or if he is marrying her out of political obligation?

Enjoy this scandalous hot and steamy romance story filled with intrigue and passion!

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