The Diamond Club Series

The Diamond Club Series Overview:


From sheiks to tycoons, this series will take you from the desert kingdoms to the mountains of Kentucky and back again. You’ll laugh and cry, roll your eyes and – maybe adopt a dog! But with every word, your heart and mind will be captured by the alpha males that gentle their feisty ladies.

The series starts with a revolution and a coup, and a royal princess that has been duped. But when Princess Ilara learns of her uncle’s devastating rule, she steps up and takes back control of her country – by marrying her enemy!

You’ll then enjoy the love stories from Princess Ilara’s neighbors – as they travel from Ditra to Kentucky. From the gentle mountains of Kentucky, you’ll meet the best friends and poker buddies to Sheik Jabril and Kazar – Oz, Jayce and Ryker. 

These ex-special forces men will make you swoon with their charm and devastating skills. But as a bonus, you will also enjoy the sweet romance of Bart, the ugly but adorable emotional support bulldog who falls in love with Betty, an overly fluffy canine with a bounce to her step every time Bart comes a sniffin’!

And finally, the banker among the friends is in a desperate fight for his daughter, Chloe. Sebastian Hughes must go to extreme measures to save his daughter from his ex-wife and her negligent control. The series ends with Chloe and her brothers – all grown up – and ready to fall in love as well. 

Diamonds and devastating charm are the modus operandi for these handsome men and the ladies who fall in love with them.