Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Convenient Bride

The Sheik’s Convenient Bride | The War, Love and Harmony Series

The only reason Kylie had come back to the palace was to prove to everyone that she was over Tarek. Her girlish infatuation was a thing of the past. So how did she end up dining with the sheik? And why was her body still vibrating when he kissed her? 

Why couldn’t she simply put her infatuation in the past where it belonged?

Tarek took one look at the fascinating beauty and knew that Kylie was the woman he was going to have for his wife. He didn’t want to marry, but the terms of the peace treaty were absolute.

 So if he had to do it, why not do it with the lovely, feisty and sexy woman that he couldn’t get out of his mind?

Enjoy the sixth and final sheikh romance book in The War, Love, & Harmony Series!

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