Elizabeth Lennox

The Duke’s Willful Wife

The Duke’s Willful Wife | Friends Forever Series

The Dukes Willful Wife by Elizabeth Lennox

Sasha had loved Dante with everything she had in her, until a year ago, he pushed her away with accusations of cheating. She couldn’t believe he would even think something like that and had run away, too hurt by his accusations.

Now his grandmother’s dying wish is to see Sasha once more and Dante will do everything within his power to grant her wish, even if he still considers her a black widow who had betrayed him more deeply than anyone else. 

He could ignore her though, as long as it took to bring her to his grandmother.

What he hadn’t counted on was Sasha’s soulful eyes coming back to haunt him, or her previously slender body now gaunt with her weight loss. 

If she’d cheated on him, why did she look like she was the one that had been betrayed?

And then, in the moonlit darkness, the past didn’t matter any longer. It was just her soft scent, her tender touch and her longing looks that drew him in. 

From the first moment they’d met they hadn’t been able to deny their attraction to each other and the hurt each thought the other had caused couldn’t stop that attraction from taking over and overwhelming both of them once more.

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