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Surrender | The Lottery Winners Series

Surrender by Elizabeth Lennox

Love lost is so much sweeter when it is found…

Small town baker Jane fell in love with high school heart throb Caleb the first time she saw him in high school. He was her first…everything! And then…he betrayed her.

Or so she thought!

Caleb had loved Jane for so long, he didn’t know how to love anyone else. From the moment he saw her in the high school audience, he’d fallen head over heels for her – even getting an after school job at her mother’s bakery, just to be close to her!

But she thought he’d betrayed her! Medical school was hard and it was easy to just…let things simmer. But he let things simmer for too long. And she was gone.

Years later, he once again took a job just to be close to her. As a renowned trauma surgeon, he could have any job in the country, but he wanted to be near Jane.

A tragic accident brought Jane back to him and Caleb was determined to make this chance work. He wouldn’t mess up this time!

Surrender is a short novella of about 20k words.

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