Elizabeth Lennox

His Indecent Proposal

His Indecent Proposal | The Jamison Sisters Series

His Indecent Proposal by Elizabeth Lennox

Kara James was not “that” kind of woman. And if alpha male Hunter West thought he could simply kiss her senseless and get her into bed, well… she wasn’t going to be his one night stand.

So why was he back in her life? And why was he demanding to purchase the most beautiful, perfect lake house she’d ever seen? And why did he keep kissing her as if she was the only woman in the world that mattered?

Hunter West had lost the beautiful, voluptuous red-head six months ago. But no matter how many women he dated, none could get the fiery woman out of his mind. So he was going to get her back. And he was going to figure out why she kept running away from him! 

One way or another, the lovely Kara James was going to be his! 

The mysterious woman with all of her secrets was going to reveal all to him in this steamy romance novel.

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