Elizabeth Lennox

In the Boss’ Bed

In the Boss’ Bed | A Steele Brothers Romance

Standing in the doorway to his office, he is floored by the woman tsking the chaos. Five minutes before, Zeke Steele’s mind had been focused on the chaos. Now his mind couldn’t get past her fiery red hair, her luscious figure…and the lust that hit him. Hard. 

Too hard! 

Her long skirts and high tops taunted him. Her smiles distracted him. There was nothing a red-blooded man could do. He’d have to marry her.

Marcy had plans. Big plans! Finish her education, pass the bar exam, get a job in a high powered law firm. She simply couldn’t allow the tall, dark and handsome Zeke Steele to distract her! 

And yet, every time he looked at her, she was distracted, wondering… Find out what happens in this steamy office romance book!

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