Elizabeth Lennox

The Sinful Nights Series

The Sinful Nights Series Overview:


Three brothers and three friends – four full love stories and two novellas (two of which are free to subscribers) – come together in Colorado. The Jones Brothers, Reid, Brant and Mack are a devastating trio who have avoided love and matrimony for years. But the ladies who crash into their lives aren’t the passive misses that they are expecting. 

Selena has a trouble past, but Reid overcomes with gentle understanding. Gianna makes Brant crazy, but in a good way. (Eventually!) And Mack is dumbfounded when Eve strolls into town to cover for her best friend.

From the corporate boardrooms of Denver to the majestic Rocky Mountains, these stories from Elizabeth Lennox’s Sinful Nights series will bring you to a different world – a world where frog burps and angel wing martinis are the specials of the day!

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