The Tycoon’s Baby Revelation

The Tycoon's Baby Revelation | The Abbot Sisters Series

Release Date: August 14, 2020

The Tycoon's Baby Revelation - Cover

Sloane Abbot didn’t trust easily – for good reason. 

So when she arrived at a job interview in a dark, isolated warehouse, her instincts warned her that something was wrong.  Meeting Josh Starke, tall, handsome and horribly rude, didn’t ease her concerns.  But for some bizarre reason, he challenged her.  When she got the job, Sloane vowed to deal with his abrupt commands for six months, then quit. 

Years later, she was still working for the man, but now she was in love with him.  Unfortunately, during one sultry, starry night, she couldn’t hide her feelings for Josh.  And the freakish Abbot fertility reared its ugly head once more. 

Pregnant and terrified of Josh’s reaction to that news, Sloane was lost, not sure what to do now.  When she’d taken this job, she’d vowed never to fall under his spell.  And yet, that’s exactly what she’d done!

Josh Starke remembered Sloane’s vow so many years ago, and cursed himself for demanding it.  Sloane was sexy and smart, brilliantly efficient and didn’t put up with any of his rudeness.  Every time she looked at him, he felt her gaze right down to his…!  Well, he loved her.  So how was he to overcome her reticence at having a relationship with him? 

And how was he to overcome the tragedy of her past that kept her from trusting anyone? 

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