Elizabeth Lennox

Delta Force Book 3 – Carrie and Derick

Derick | Delta Force Series

Release Date: November 27, 2020

Lt. Colonel Derick Matlock is extremely good at finding people who are hiding. So when his new neighbor moves into the house next door, he recognizes the signs that she’s hiding. But from what?

As he helps her learn to trust again, Derick can’t stop the desire from flaring between the two of them. But as Derick starts to understand the lovely woman who calls herself Carrie, he is more positive that she is hiding something. She’s also stealthier than he’d thought possible, curvier than he’d imagined and…stronger and more wounded than anyone should be.

So how can he convince Carrie to trust him…before it’s too late? He knows that she’s in danger. Will she come to him for help? Or is she determined to fix this problem on her own?

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