Elizabeth Lennox

Releasing the Billionaire’s Passion

Releasing the Billionaire's Passion | The Alfieri Saga

Charles Henson the Third was a frustrated man. Having recently parted ways with his girlfriend, he was free to focus on the business of his bank, and business was very good. However, his attention was repeatedly drawn to the beautiful and free spirited Fiona Chandler. 

As executor for her grandfather’s will, Charles was responsible for overseeing any disbursements from the estate, but he found himself taking a much more personal interest in this client than normal. And lately that interest was becoming much harder to suppress.

Fiona was not interested in any conversation about her grandfather’s money, but all too interested in spending any time with Charles! 

Though formal and conservative, she was drawn to his brilliance with numbers just as much as his broad shoulders. 

But Fiona was worried that Charles’ ever present concerns about her finances would raise questions that she didn’t want to answer. Because if he found out more about what she did with her time, he might never be hers…

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