Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Heir

The Sheik's Heir | The Al-Bodari Series

Release Date: October 13, 2023

The Sheik's Heir - Cover

“I will not humiliate myself!” Princess Tessa al Bodari whispered to herself.

Pregnant – and standing as a witness to her brother’s marriage vows! Yep, that would be hard enough. But the father of her unborn child was sitting in the audience. His gaze shimmered on the spot where her hand rested protectively over the tiny life that was throbbing in her stomach. The small life that was making her extremely nauseous!

Sheik Asif el Asraf glared at the beautiful woman as understanding hit him. Tessa was pregnant! How was that possible? They’d spent only one night together! Granted, that night had been…frantic. Both of them had been starving for each other. So maybe…?

There was no doubt that the child was his. Which mean that they had to marry. It was too late for love, he thought with determination. And besides, he didn’t indulge in fantasies of love-ever-after.

However, he’d never indulged in one-night-stands…and yet, evidence of their one night together rested underneath Princess Tessa’s trembling fingers.
Miracles happened.

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