Elizabeth Lennox


Charmed | The Lottery Winners Series

Charmed by Elizabeth Lennox

To flirt or to slap?

It all started so…innocently?  Mischievously is probably a better word.

Skye fell in love.  Hard!  Mark was big and tall, muscular and charming.  In bed he made her scream.  Out of bed, he made her laugh.  He was the perfect guy!

But…he was a SWAT team member.  He dove into the most dangerous situations without a second thought.  

So far, he’d come out of each mission alive, but…what about that one time when he didn’t?

Skye was in too deep.  She needed out.  She loved Mark too much to wait around for that phone call.

Mark woke up one morning, diamond ring in his pocket…only to find Skye gone.  Not just gone, but he couldn’t find her.  Until he moved from New York to LowPoint, Kentucky.  He not only found the woman he couldn’t forget, but he also discovered that he was about to be a dad.  Of babies!  Yes, plural!  Twins!

Can they figure out how to move forward in this unplanned pregnancy romance novel? Could Skye learn to live with the danger of his occupation?

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