Midnight Seduction

Midnight Seduction | Scandalous Sheiks Series

Release Date: December 10, 2021

Midnight Seduction - Cover

She was the hired help.  He was a powerful ruler!

Andrea risked it all, and her life was devastated by her decisions.  When the dust settled, Andi was left lonely, heartbroken and…pregnant!  But she pulled herself together.  Pregnancy and giving birth were terrifying to go through alone, but Andi was finally pulling herself through this challenging time in her life. 

And then he upended her world once again! 

Sheik Tahir had left the lovely Andi that morning, but he’d never meant to lose her forever!  It had taken ten months to find her.  By that point, it was critical that he save her from ruthless people who would hurt her in order to get to him.  That’s when he discovered that she wasn’t alone – that she held his infant daughter in her arms! 

Can Tahir and Andi maneuver through this unexpected twist in their relationship?  Or is she too hurt about his departure months ago to ever trust him again? 

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