Elizabeth Lennox

His Secretive Lover

His Secretive Lover | The Thorpe Brothers Series

Being the daughter of a famous art thief, Cricket has learned many things, like how to steal, lie, cheat, and get away with practically anything. She has the skills to sneak into a museum with the highest security and get away with no one the wiser. The problem is: she hates to steal, lie, and cheat. Her father is disappointed in her because she refuses to help him. 

Despite this tension, she’s perfectly happy living a normal life as an accountant. Well, except for the occasional need for the adrenaline rush. Cricket admits it – she’s an adrenaline junkie. Even if her big “scores” are only ball point pens and occasional pranks on her boss just to irritate him. 

But in her defense, he’s a supremely bad boss.

When one of Ryker’s clients vents about someone repeatedly breaking into his office and shows him the surveillance footage, Ryker immediately recognizes the woman’s figure. 

He should – he’s been watching that lovely form walk into the building every morning! When he accepts the assignment of his client to help track down the culprit, he has a fantastic time “apprehending” the beautiful cat burglar/accountant.

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