Elizabeth Lennox

The Thorpe Brothers Series

The Thorpe Brothers Series

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His Captive Lover by Elizabeth Lennox


Lawyers don’t always have to be criminals! 

Especially when you enter The Thorpe Brothers law firm. Prepared to be awed by their brilliance and integrity in The Thorpe Brothers series!

In “His Captive Lover” – Mia is arrested and it is up to Ash Thorpe to prove her innocence. It is a complicated tale of yoga and heart-stopping lust, fear and confusion as well as courtroom drama. Mia thinks she doesn’t need a lawyer because she’s innocent of the murder charges. But Ash Thorpe steps in and saves the day. He’s never met her, but he walks into the courtroom looking big and strong and scary and Mia is…furious with him! She doesn’t need a knight in shining armor to save her.

Or does she? And when she gets to know the man…she’s lost! This story has more than a bit of mystery as readers discover that there’s more to a murder than one might expect!

“His Unexpected Lover” takes the reader back into a Second Chance Love story – the kind of story that Ms. Lennox excels at writing! Years ago, Axel meets and falls in love with Kiera – but their careers diverge and they go their separate ways. Six years later, they are back, facing each other across the conference room table and the sparks fly as they glare at each other – and fall in love all over again.

Readers will laugh and roll their eyes when reading “His Secretive Lover” – the Oh-So-Formal (and oldest Thorpe Brother) Ryker Thorpe falls for the lovely and seemingly unattainable Cricket – a woman with secrets so deep, even Ryker can’t figure her out. But when a client is furious at a crime, is Cricket the culprit? And what’s going on with Cricket’s parents? Oh – the mysteries are many in this romance! But the steam is hot and spicy as Cricket leads Ryker a merry chase.

Throughout the whole series of lawyer romance books, readers get to know Xander Thorpe and the law office’s manager Autumn. You know that they are in love, but until you read “His Challenging Lover”, you wonder if they can ever work things out. But in this love story, the steam is hot and steamy and fabulous shoes are involved! The three books before this one aren’t essential, but reading them would be well worth the effort before reading this one. There is foreplay in the three preceding legal romance novels that make this love story so much more satisfying!

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