Heated Secrets Introduction

By Elizabeth Lennox | July 12, 2021

Heated Secrets – Introduction Rose Garden Apartements Series The wall was a very good place to stand.  Lilly pressed her back against the wall, wishing that she could be anywhere but here.  The hum of polite conversation and fake laughter surrounded her, as did the delicate clinking of glasses and the cloying scent of expensive …

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Winter Awakening Excerpt

By Elizabeth Lennox | June 22, 2021

Winter Awakening Excerpt Wyoming Fever Series The cold air felt good!  Kate pushed harder, letting the pavement under her feet set a rhythm for her thoughts.  She remembered every turn, every street and even the cracks in the sidewalk.  After all these years, those cracks were still there.  Some new ones too, but for the …

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An Unexpected Affair – Excerpt

By Elizabeth Lennox | June 16, 2021

An Unexpected Affair Excerpt The Forsaken Sons Series The miserable scent of fear and desperation was thick in the room.  Evie Monroe stepped into the small, cramped space, tugging her ragged baseball cap lower over her eyes as she looked around for a chair.  Unfortunately, Evie hadn’t arrived early enough to snag a seat and …

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An Unexpected Affair Introduction

By Elizabeth Lennox | June 14, 2021

An Unexpected Affair – Introduction The Forsaken Sons Series “This is your place?” Brock’s manager demanded as soon as he stepped into the small, non-descript apartment.  Brock walked over to the fridge and pulled out two beers.  “Yeah, what’s the problem?” he asked. The manager laughed, shaking his head.  “Kid, I know you’re only eighteen …

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Fall Into Love Exerpt

By Elizabeth Lennox | May 26, 2021

Fall Into Excerpt Wyoming Fever Series Only forty mile per hour winds. Even more exciting than the lack of the sometimes insane, Wyoming winds, her neighbor wasn’t home!  An excellent day to garden!  Sylvie grinned as she grabbed her gardening gloves and her bucket of garden tools, almost skipping out of her house.  As soon …

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After Hours Desire – Excerpt

By Elizabeth Lennox | May 13, 2021

After Hours Desire Excerpt The Forsaken Sons Series “No!”  Frankie whispered, staring at the enormous, sexy man sitting behind the massive desk.  The man who had invaded her dreams almost every night for the past six month was leaning back in the chair, his feet propped up on the old, wooden desk!  The man who …

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After Hours Desire Introduction

By Elizabeth Lennox | May 11, 2021

After Hours Desire – Introduction The Forsaken Sons Series Kade’s story…. “Hey girl,” Kade spoke softly, his voice low and non-threatening.  “You’re okay.”  He didn’t move.  Just continued to speak in that same, low tone.  At seventeen, Kade was one of the best horsemen on the ranch.  He loved horses and knew how to talk …

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Summer Heat Excerpt

By Elizabeth Lennox | April 26, 2021

Summer Heat Excerpt Wyoming Fever Series Jumping out of the way, Arik stared uncomprehendingly at the…vacuum cleaner?  Yep!  A vacuum cleaner had just flown out the front door.  He stared warily in through the front door, hoping no more household items would follow.  Since he didn’t know why anyone would throw a vacuum cleaner, one …

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Her Twin Surprise Introduction

By Elizabeth Lennox | April 12, 2021

Her Twin Surprise – Introduction The Forsaken Sons Series “Go long!” Janus whispered to his receiver.  The man looked at him, then at the opposing team. “Are you sure?” Danny asked.  Janus looked around, noticing that the other team had brought in their heavy defensive linemen.  They thought he was going to run the ball.  …

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Spring Seduction Excerpt

By Elizabeth Lennox | March 17, 2021

Spring Seduction – Excerpt Wyoming Fever Series “Was that a gunshot?” Simon nodded to his partner and they pulled their weapons, crouching low as they scanned the area for threats. A moment later, they heard a feminine scream, then more of the odd, “soft” gunshots. “That’s coming from inside the house,” Detective Arik Dorant hissed, …

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One More Kiss Excerpt

By Elizabeth Lennox | March 10, 2021

One More Kiss Excerpt Forsaken Sons Series “I need your help.” Kinsley looked up from the receipt she was trying to decipher.  For the past week, she’d been squinting at receipts, pulling her hair out in an effort to determine how to associate each cost to the projects.  So when he poked his head into …

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One More Kiss Introduction

By Elizabeth Lennox | March 10, 2021

One More Kiss – Introduction The Forsaken Sons Series   “Why are you staring at the dishwasher?” Pete asked. Lincoln turned to look at his best friend, contemplating his next move.  “It’s broken,” Lincoln replied. Pete’s eyes instantly turned wary.  “Woah!  Don’t do it, Linc!” he urged, even taking a step back, his backpack slung …

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