The Lottery Winners Series

The Lottery Winners Series

Learn more about each of the individual books below:

The Lottery Winners Introduction by Elizabeth Lennox


Four friends and co-workers buy one lottery ticket in these Elizabeth Lennox books– and it pays off in a huge way! These lottery winners share the proceeds equally, and shockingly, remain best friends. Even better, they use their winnings to save their town while still following their dreams – and finding love in the process.
Tony goes to cooking school – then opens boutique restaurants in tiny, small towns that bring a bit of luck back to the residents. 

For years, he’s been in love with Julia, the manager of his flagship restaurant. Little did he know, but Julia is in love with him as well. Eventually, they overcome the all the obstacles and find that they can’t deny their feelings for each other any longer.

Daisy Barnes buys up and renovates old, abandoned houses, selling them back to people who need a secure places to live. She teams up with Rocco – and the fires of anger and fury turn to passion as they figure out how to work and love in a world fraught with mysteries.

Ivy had always loved capturing images on film – then travels the world in order to bring those photos back home. Over the years, she tries to avoid Daisy’s brother, Gunner Barnes. He makes her crarzy…and then she falls in love (and becomes pregnant in the process!).

Marilee, the softest and most trusting of their group, just wants everyone to be happy. She wants to surround herself with pretty things. But when Emmerson comes to town as the new sheriff – he bothers her, infuriates her, and she just wants him to go away. Until she falls in love with the man. But…she’s kidnapped and Emmerson has to find her before she’s hurt!

Amidst the four main stories, you’ll also meet Ms. Scarlett, an octogenarian who causes trouble in the craziest ways she can dream up, Jane – the town baker who makes the best chocolate scones, Skye and Mark and a whole town of people who watch out for each other. They all live in LowPoint, KY – the kind of town that we’d all love to live in.

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