Elizabeth Lennox

Her Scandalous Protector | The Book Club Series

Release Date: March 25, 2022

Her Scandalous Protector - Cover

Yes, she was in danger.  No, she didn’t need HIS help!


Lena Astiros needed to make it in the world on her own!  She was a strong, confident professional…except when HE came around.  Something about Connor Griffin just…irritated her!  He could rile her temper unlike anyone else! 

Which is why she had to stay away from the giant, muscular behemoth!  Too bad he was the head of security for the same company for which she worked. 


Connor loved the redheaded beauty.  He loved sparking her temper and watching her lovely green eyes light with fire.  Unfortunately, the spunky redhead would probably run over him with her car, if he gave her the chance. 

But the woman was in danger and all of Connor’s protective instincts went into overdrive.  He had to protect Lena.  He would protect her with his life, if needed.  He just had to convince her to let him into her life so that he could do that! 

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